Minoan Energy is above all a solidarity community and this is derived from its very Articles of Association. It shows a particular interest in vulnerable groups of the population and its activities are prompted by the collective good. Its objective is the elimination of the energy poverty and the equal access for all inhabitants of Crete to the energy dynamic of the island.

In difficult times, such as those our region is experiencing not only due to the earthquake, but also the pandemic, the Community’s managerial staff is active, meets, studies and proposes mature, realistic solutions that would have a direct impact in citizen’s quality of life.

In particular:

1. The Scientific Group of Minoan Energy submits a number of proposals with direct interventions to the earthquake-stricken area of the Municipality of Minoa Pediada. You can view the relevant document by clicking here.

2. The Board of Directors of Minoan Energy decided unanimously, in the view of the construction of the 2nd Photovoltaic Power Station, to cover the electricity needs of approximately 30 vulnerable families for the period of time that is necessary via net metering, in collaboration with the Region of Crete and the social services of the affected municipalities. You can view the relevant document by clicking here.

3. The Region of Crete, following the example of the Minoan Energy, proceeded in a substantial support move, offering in turn free electricity with the method of net metering to 50 more families of the earthquake-stricken municipalities of Crete. This decision will be implemented in collaboration with Minoan Energy and specifically with the second project of net metering that the Community is going to start during the coming period.

At the same time, the Scientific Group of Minoan Energy is working on positions and proposals for the Special Urban Survey for the whole of Minoa Pediada municipality, as well as on the pending urban surveys, with emphasis to that for Arkalochori due to the effects of the earthquake. We also need to see the latter as an opportunity for reform and modernisation. The results of this survey will be available soon.

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