Minoan Energy is a cooperative made up of private individuals and local businesses, which, with the support of Region of Crete and many other Municipalities that are members of it, contests to be part of the energy transition from fossil fuels to Renewable Energy Sources (RES), promoting at the same time the sustainability and socially inclusive economy.

  Our key objective is to promote the energy democracy, that is the active participation of our citizens, local self-government, small and medium-sized businesses in the generation of their own energy for self-consumption, as well as for their financial support.

  The first energy projects of the Community are already in progress. Because it is time that we turn the sun and wind in our region to our own advantage, securing returns above 25%.

  Learn how easy it is to produce your own electricity for your family and business, just as over 200 fellow-citizens, who are part of Minoan Energy, have done so.

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Minoan Energy Collaborations

Minoan Energy Community has developed a dynamic and evolving network of collaborators, recognising the importance of networking towards the attainment of its objectives.

Region of Crete

The Region of Crete is a member and main shareholder of Minoan Energy

Municipality of Minoa Pediadas

The Municipality of Minoa Pediadas is an official member and seat of Minoan Energy with which it maintains an open line of communication

Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia

The Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia is an official member of Minoan Energy

Municipality of Viannos

Municipality of Viannos

The Municipality of Viannos is an official member of Minoan Energy

Technical University of Crete

Minoan Energy is in regular communication with the academic institutions of the island that have Departments, Schools or Laboratories regarding the subject of energy applications

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Minoan Energy is in regular communication with the academic institutions of the island that have Departments, Schools or Laboratories regarding the subject of energy applications

Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)

Minoan Energy is in regular communication with the academic institutions of the island that have Departments, Schools or Laboratories regarding the subject of energy applications

European Federation of Citizen Energy Cooperatives RESCoop.eu

Minoan Energy is an official member of the European Confederation of Energy Communities RESCoop.eu

Energy Community of Sifnos

Sifnos Energy Community is the first energy cooperative in island Greece

Greek Department of Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Minoan Energy cooperates with the Greek part of the UN for the sustainable development

Greek Department of UNESCO Global Geoparks

Minoan Energy collaborates with the Greek Department of Unesco Global Geoparks, for the submission of proposals in EU programs

"Clean Energy For EU Islands" Initiative

Minoan Energy Community has officially joined the European Commission Island Network for the "Clean Energy For EU Islands" initiative.


September 17


One more successful presence of the Minoan Energy, this time at the Agricultural Exhibition of Ierapetra, held from 17 to 19 September 2021. The staff members of the Community really enjoyed the interaction and exchange of views with the particularly informed and professionally active community of Eastern Crete.
September 1


Minoan Energy participates in the Pastoral and Agricultural Exhibition of Arkalochori, which was held from 1 to 5 September 2021.The visitors of the Exhibition had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the planning of the RES projects of Minoan Energy, the advantages our members get over individual initiatives and the Community dynamics deriving from participating in the Community, except from the households and businesses, agricultural cooperatives, municipalities and of course the Region of Crete.
July 8


The Minoan Energy Community project has now formally commenced with the name Sustainable Actions for Viable Energy (SAVE), which was funded by the NESOI project and it is supported by the Minoan Pediada Municipality and the Region of Crete.
May 25


Minoan Energy submits an application to the Power Grid Operator of the Region of Crete for the interconnection of the first Photovoltaic Station of 405kW that it implements and which will be in operation with Virtual Net Metering.
January 4


Contracts are signed for Minoan Energy for a 30 acres land leased by the Minoan Pediada Municipality, on which the first projects will be installed with capacity from 1 to 1.5 MW.
December 3


Minoan Energy participates in the first meeting of the broad-based energy communities of Greece, which was organised by Electra Energy Cooperative and the Institute of Zero Energy Buildings. Greenpeace, WWF, European Federation of Renewable Energy Cooperatives and the pioneer Sifnos Island Cooperative were also participants.
September 1

Σεπτέμβριος 2020

Members of the Community make a series of contacts with members of the parliament from all parties of N. Heraklion, to which they raise the need to reinforce the broad-based energy communities, in which a legal entity of public law and local authorities participate, as it happens with Minoan Energy.
August 24


Proposals are submitted for the reinforcement of the role of Energy Communities in the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.
July 30


The first regular Board of Directors of Minoan Energy is constituted, which resulted from the elections of 20 th July 2020. At the same time, the Board makes a unanimous decision for the coming amendment of the statute for the representation of ex officio, the Region of Crete and Municipality of Edra- Minoan Pediada in the Board of Directors.
July 20


The first community elections are taking place for the appointment of a regular Administrative and Regulatory Board.
February 5


Minoan Energy Community becomes member of the European Federation of Renewable Energy Cooperatives (RESCoop.eu).
December 14


Minoan Energy becomes member of the EU initiative “Clean Energy for EU Islands”.
November 29


Minoan Energy is registered with the General Electronic Commercial Registry of Greece (G.E.MI), which is a prerequisite for its legal operation within the business and economy world.
November 27


The first formal event of the first Energy Community in Crete, Minoan Energy, takes place at the Archalochori Conference Centre with full house.
November 12

Νοέμβριος 2019

Members of the Community make a series of informative contact with academic bodies, such as the Chairman of the Institute of Technological Research, Mr Tavernarakis and the Rector of the Hellenic Mediterranean University, Mr Kotsarakis.
October 15


The Holy Metropolis of Archalochori, Kastelli and Viannos becomes member of the Minoan Energy.
October 9


Minoan Energy, the first Energy Community in Crete, is established with head office in Archalochori of Minoan Pediada Municipality. A few days later the temporary Board of Directors is constituted.

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