Minoan Energy

The first energy community in Crete

MINOAN ENERGY is the first Energy Community in Crete, but also in the whole insular area of our Country. The model of Energy Community is already well established and operates with success in all European countries, such as United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and mainly Spain, while other countries have also started to promote dynamically this institution.

In these countries, hundreds of thousands of citizens, house and business owners, are members of energy communities, who are provided with accessible electricity produced by wind turbines, solar collectors, bio-gas plants, hydroelectric projects etc.

These projects are very big and expensive if installed by each of us individually. But it is a great opportunity now for thousands of people who support the idea of suppling their homes and businesses with locally produced, clean and renewable electricity, to join us in order to materialize this idea.

Apart from this, soon after the electricity interconnection of Crete to the mainland, each citizen of Crete will be able to invest in sustainable energy projects of our Community and secure a satisfactory supplementary income for their family.

How does the Community operates

Minoan Energy, as an urban Cooperative of the social and solidarity economy, started its operation at the end of last year, with the sole purpose to generate, store, distribute and sell green energy to its members. In addition, in the nearest future, it will be able to dispose any excess energy to the grid in return for a corresponding fee, on behalf of its members. The procedure is already in the final stage for the construction of the first photovoltaic power station, while research is carried out for the next ones.

This event will allow our members to use ecological and very cheap electricity in their houses, at the same time playing an important role in transforming Crete into a sustainable and environmentally friendly place to live. No changes are needed to be made in terms of the way their house or business is connected to the grid. Minoan Energy is managing the administrative procedures for the right distribution of the energy derived from its projects to all the members, as well as the fair distribution of profits to all the members, in case the generated energy will be sold to the grid (in the future).

In the case of a virtual net metering that we are implementing today, each member has a virtual photovoltaic, without this being in his premises and its care rests with the energy community and not with the member.

What is the structure and number of members of MINOAN ENERGY?

Today the number of members reaches 230. The members come from the whole of Crete, but also from other regions of the country. The majority of them comes from Crete of course and Heraklion Prefecture in particular.

Among the members, there are Public bodies, such as the Holy Metropolis of Arkalohori, Kastelli and Viannos, the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Minoa and Archanes- Asterousia and the Municipality of Viannos, public businesses, institutions, cooperatives, societies, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as numerous households and simple citizens.

What are the responsibilities of a member?

Each member is responsible for up to the amount that corresponds to the value of its share. That is, if I have a share, I am responsible for 100 euros. If I have five, I am responsible for 500 euros and so on and for nothing more.

How is Minoan Energy administered?

Ανώτατη αρχή της Μινώα Ενεργειακή είναι η Γενική Συνέλευση των μελών της, που αποφασίζει για τις στρατηγικές και τις μεγάλες επιλογές.

The administration is managed by the Board of Directors, which is elected by the General Meeting of the members, as provided for by the Law. In the above eleven membered council, apart from individuals, other participants are representatives of Legal Entities under Public Law and Local Authorities, such as the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Minoa Pediada and the Minicipality of Viannos, giving the Community more credit and reliability. Also, select and dynamic executives from the business world participate, as well as educated individuals with integrity, experience and powerful social status.

The Board of Directors assists a group of select executives from the academic, scientific and technical world, of recognised standing, knowledge and experience and this is one of the strongest advantages of the Community.

Who could become our members?

The members of an energy community could belong to three general teams, depending on the objectives and aims they set for themselves:

  1. The idealists, that is those who want clean energy, the decentralised development, the energy democracy, to combat energy poverty and tackle climate change.
  2. Those who want to reduce the cost of electricity for their homes and business, as many times and under conditions of crisis, the cost crushes the economy of the households and businesses.
  3. Those who want to invest in the domain of clean energy and secure a substantial income for 25 years.

The three categories are useful, acceptable and in line with the objectives and aims of our community. Besides, many times the same person can belong to one, two or all three of the above teams. It shows a person with ecological sensitivities, but at the same time he or she wants to reduce the cost of his or her house’s energy and so on.

The reason for becoming a member of MINOA ENERGY

  1. Because everyone is given the opportunity to participate and have access to renewable energy sources in our region.
  2. Because you can invest directly in clean energy projects for the development of a sustainable economy.
  3. Because you are co-owners along with the other members and you have the same vote by acquiring a share only with 100 euros.
  4. Because you gain independence from big energy companies.
  5. Because you participate in the development of our region in this way, since the money for the energy, which up to now were going elsewhere, now will remain in our region creating new jobs.
  6. Because you will be part of the social movement that supports renewable energy sources and the participation of each citizen.
  7. Because you will have a better customer service with clear information and direct personal contact with the administrative staff.
  8. Because it is a business model designed for low cost with:
  • Minimum advertising cost
  • Without high salaries for the management
  • Operation in low-cost offices
  • Offering volunteer work
  1. Because these are not just words. With Minoan Energy you produce your own energy, you consume it responsibly or you sell it profitably and you make direct investments in clean energy, for the benefit of your family and the place you live.

How can I participate?

  • The first step of becoming a member of Minoan Energy with all the rights is to register by buying one or more shares in the value of 100 euros. This value is returnable if you decide to withdraw from the community. The amount is deposited to IBAN GR 2908700190000300003118286 PANCRETA BANK.
  • When you are a member, you have the right to buy more shares, also in the value of 100 euros, up to 20% of the share capital, so that you can get the amount of energy you want that covers your needs, for the house or your business. All you need to do is send us copies of your electricity bills. We will then process the information straight away and you will be informed of the level of your financial participation and the annual profit you will have from the net metering, so that you decide for the completion of our cooperation.
  • When you are a member, you can also invest on our new projects, wind power, photovoltaic, bio-mass etc. for the generation and sale of energy to the grid, securing this way proportionally satisfactory profit, which may even exceed 25%.

Public Invitation

Dear fellow citizens, compatriots,

Minoan Energy is a substantial mechanism for covering the local energy needs and the participation of the local societies in the energy conversion.

We want a spillover benefit and not the concentration of the benefit to the hands of the few and powerful, as it happened in the past with the coal energy. And this is why we are talking about energy democratisation, giving the opportunity to citizens to produce, consume, as well as arrange their own storing of the renewable and clean energy of our region.

We want the decentralised generation of renewable energy sources by the simple citizen, who is transformed from a consumer to a self-producer of green energy and an important co-shaper of the energy transition. Not just the big companies producing and selling us the energy that belong priorly to us.

The time of truth has come:

Each citizen must answer three basic questions, which are crucial for him/her and the next generations:

  1. I want the transition to a World of clean energy that does not downgrade the environment?
  2. I want this transition to take place with my active participation and not unknowingly?
  3. I want the energy transition with its benefits to take place for the citizens, for the many and not for the few and powerful?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, you are ready to act consciously, responsibly and beneficially for yourself and your region. Act either by yourself, or through cooperations with other fellow citizens, by turning to advantage the natural richness of your region, which is yours. If only you truly want this!

If we do not act now, there will be no convincing excuses for our kids and the future generations!

Minoan Energy is at your disposal. It is the vehicle for the coordinated and effective energy transition in our region, in Crete, with justice, with democracy and without blockages. For our equal participation in a new World that has just started to form.

All citizens are welcomed for the joint effort.

We are waiting for you with love, for an equal and productive cooperation, for the better of our land and our people.

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