Local Self-Government

At Self-government level, Minoan Energy Community as an open line of communication with most Municipalities in Crete and with the Region of Crete. Municipalities of Minoa Pediadas, Archanes – Asterousia and Viannos are already official members of the Community, such as the Region of Crete, which is the main shareholder.

Academic Bodies

Minoan Energy Community is also in regular and close communication with the two Universities of the island, which have Departments, Faculties or Labs relevant to the subject of energy applications. These are the Hellenic Mediterranean University and the Technical University of Crete. Also, Minoan Energy Community keeps close contact with the Institute of Technological Research of Crete.

Energy Communities

Minoan Energy Community plays the leading part in the establishment of a panhellenic collective body, which will join and represent all the broad-based energy communities. It keeps close contacts with the first energy cooperative in the Greek islands, the Energy Community of Sifnos. In addition, it participates as an official member of the European Federation of Energy Cooperatives, RESCoop.eu, by supporting at the same time the function of the advocacy and technical department of the Federation with the participation of its members in these departments. Minoan Energy Community also supports the Municipalities in the islands in terms of the establishment of their energy communities.

International Grids

Minoan Energy Community has officially joined the grid of the EC islands for the initiative ‘Clean Energy for EU Islands’. It is also in close collaboration with the Hellenic Forum of the UNESCO Global Geoparks, with which it participates in the submission of proposals for community programmes. Lastly, it is in close contact with the Hellenic forum of the United Nations Sustainable Development and Solutions Network.

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