We signed the contract with the contractor - manufacturer of the first developmental project in the region after the earthquake of 27.09.2021. This is the photovoltaic power station of 405 KW capacity, which will cover the electricity needs of approximately a hundred small-sized businesses and households of our Region.

We pressed on a lot with the procedures so that we give a message of hope and optimism to our fellow-citizens a few days after being hard hit by the earthquake.

The above businesses and households, which held a relatively small participation, will have free electricity for their needs for 25 years. It is the first high capacity project taking place in our Country with the process of virtual net metering.

The project will be delivered to our Community the first days of December and it will be connected with the provisions for the members towards the end of the year. The tenderer of this project is the ENTEC, a company that has obviously made the most advantageous offer, according to the decision of the Board of Directors.

The collective energy is what will get us out of what the earthquake put us in, in just 25 seconds, and we mean it literally and metaphorically.

In these difficult conditions, Minoan Energy has as main objective to supply its region as better as it can, not only with natural forms of energy, but also with those of spirit and thought, which can mobilise and fill people with optimism.

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