On the evening of Tuesday 9/5/2023, following the invitation of the President Mr. Nikos Bounakis and the Board of Directors of Creta Green Argofarm, we had the pleasure and honor to attend the very interesting assembly of its members, during which information was given on very important issues, including the new CAP, the risks and opportunities from its implementation.

At the start of the event, we had the opportunity to inform the hundreds of members of the organization that participated, about Renewable Energy Sources and the need for us all to participate in the energy transition from coal to clean energy sources, not only for a clean environment and dealing with climate change, but also because it is now the only way to deal with accuracy in energy, taking it for free from the sun and air of Crete, in our households and businesses.

After the excellent presentation by our technical advisor, Doctor of Electrical Engineering Mr. Georgios Viscadouros, a very interesting dialogue followed during which we answered many questions submitted by our interlocutors.

The Regional Governor of Crete, Mr. Stavros Arnautakis, also participated in the event, who in his speech spoke in favor of RES and Energy Communities, saying that the Region is in favor of the institution which it supports by participating in Communities that have been created.

He also spoke very flatteringly about Minoan Energy of which both the Region of Crete and himself are members and revealed that the main building of the Region is electrified by the first project of our Community, having an annual benefit from this choice, about 30,000 euros per year!

He further added that through our Community the District is implementing its decision to give free energy to 50 households affected by the earthquake from the second project and another 50 from our third project.

Finally, he invited all the citizens of Crete to follow the above example and participate in energy communities with a broad social base, such as Minoan Energy, for the benefit of themselves, their families, for local and regional development as well as for the country and the whole world.

We would like to express our warm thanks to the Regional Governor Mr. Arnautakis, as well as to the President Mr. Nikos Bounakis, the members of the Board of Directors and all the members of Creta Green Argofarm for the warm welcome and impeccable hospitality they offered us.

The cooperation of the two cooperative structures is sure to be mutually beneficial.

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