Ermioni Gialiti

Ermioni Gialiti is a qualified Geologist, graduate of the Faculty of Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holder of a master's degree in the Department of Mineral Resources of the Technical University of Crete. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization from the Hellenic Open University - Faculty of Sciences, in the field of "Natural Disasters in the Climate Change Era".

From 1996 to 2017 as a freelancer, she was specializing in Geological - Geotechnical and environmental research and studies, with an emphasis on the protection and utilization of natural resources.
During the 20 years of operation of the privately owned engineering company, there has been excellent and uninterrupted cooperation with Private Sector and Public Authorities. Comprehensive Geotechnical Studies were prepared with the subject of: Special, shallow and deep foundations, Earth retaining structures, Stability of Slopes, Geological suitability of settlements (Urban planning), as well as specialized Hydrogeology studies.
She is high experienced as a Technical Consultant in a number of emblematic road construction projects on the island, construction of tunnels, dams and other infrastructure projects in Crete, but also throughout Greece. With a high degree of specialization in the field of Environmental Geotechnology, she continued to be active, even after she was hired by the Technical Service of the Hellenic Mediterranean University, in 2017. While exercising parallel duties, she participated in the drafting, submission and implementation of Co-financed European Programs related to Environmental Management, having a deep knowledge of the applicable legislation and the specifications governing Public Infrastructures.
In the Greek self-governing elections in May 2019, she was chosen as a candidate for Regional Councilor of the current Regional Governor Stavros Arnaoutakis. Subsequently, she was seconded by ELMEPA to the Region of Crete as a Special Consultant to the Regional Governor, in Climate Crisis and Civil Protection issues, Geospatial data management, Infrastructure Projects, Environment and Natural Resources, while at the same time she was assigned a new organizational position in the Department of Environment & Spatial Planning, as "Environmental Policy Officer".
Possessing 25 years of experience in environmental and infrastructure issues, she continues to develop her knowledge and widening her professional field, with a new orientation on digital governance and satellite data, as the rising ecosystem in Public Administration. Her scientific and research interests include actions of extroversion, awakening citizens’ conscience and disseminating information regarding the environmental situation, especially in the midst of the climate crisis.
At the same time, she is a certified trainer for adults in matters of civil protection, professional guidance, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, approach to sustainability European goals, etc.
He contributes to the MINOAN ENERGY COMMUNITY from the position of an active member of the Board of Directors, enhancing collective actions, with a vision of awakening the citizens and their participation in the energy transition to an economy non-unilaterally dependent on fossil fuels. Utilizing Renewable Sources technologies, especially in the period of the energy crisis we are going through, we create the conditions of sustainability for the protection of natural resources, which have been granted to us by the next generations.
With the climate crisis and its adverse effects, being now part of our daily lives, we must shape a new culture of equal participation, a collective consciousness from which the benefits will emerge through the whole.
The power of community, the act of giving and the coordinated action of individuals which aim to the same goal, is what will lead us to tackling energy poverty, energy justice and the balanced development of the given opportunities.

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