Maria Terzaki


Graduate of the Plant Production department of the Technological Educational Institute of Heraklion. Postgraduate at the School of Pedagogy and Technological Education Worked for many years as a consultant technologist agronomist in an agricultural supply company. In recent years - she works as an insurance consultant - she is responsible for the project as an agronomist in a certified host of EAE declarations and at the same time - she teaches at the agricultural school of Messara. Strongly believes in the active participation of citizens, local government and small and medium-sized enterprises in energy production, which virtually ceases to concern a few big ‘players’, with the Energy Communities as a vehicle. Either for reasons of environmental protection and tackling climate change or because RES is more economically viable, the energy transition to a fossil fuel economy has begun and is irreversible. Energy democracy ensures that the energy transition takes place in terms of social justice and with society in an active rather than a passive role
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