Agricultural Exhibition of Arkalochori: An important step in informing citizens about clean energy from Minoan Energy

With great pleasure and satisfaction, all the executives of Minoan Energy, we informed the hundreds of visitors who passed by our booth every day, about the great advantages of using Renewable Energy Sources (RES), in our homes and businesses.

The benefits are great for the environment, the national economy, local and regional development, while the economic benefits for households and businesses are huge.

We conveyed to everyone the optimistic message that the citizen of Crete can have the electricity he needs for free from its shining Sun!

Minoan Energy guarantees this, as a four-member family with just 1500 to 3000 euros participation today, will pay for electricity again after 25 years!

It is also known that Minoan Energy is open to the participation of all citizens of Crete and country.

We sincerely thank the organizers, the exhibitors and the visitors who all together contribute to the perpetuation of the very successful institution of the ARKALOCHORI EXHIBITION that justified its 30-year glorious history.

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