Commissioning the implementation of the first project of virtual net metering in Crete, 405KW capacity

In the coming week, we are commissioning the implementation of the first virtual net metering in Crete with the capacity of 405KW.

A few days ago, and after all licences were granted to us, the Chairman of MINOAN ENERGY informed the members of the commencement of the procedure for the implementation of our first energy project.

It is time that all members deposit the corresponding instalment B for the above project until the 10th of October 2021.

We express our joy and satisfaction, since the participants in the project will no longer face increases of the electricity bills, which all show to be very high.

Should you have any query or question, please contact us at: 28910 29010, 6977 23 16 17, 6977 03 13 05, 697 848 8136 and 697 818 6912.

Also, if you have not sent us an electricity bill and you wish to participate in the first project, there is still time to submit it.

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