The membership registration process in 5 steps

  1. After reading the articles of association you will find here, fill in the membership registration form and sign it. Download the form here
  2. Deposit the amount of 100 euro at the following IBAN, to get the mandatory membership portion. (You can get more portions if you wish).
  3. Scan or take photo the above application and send it to the email:
  4. In the same way you send us a copy of your bill, to which you want to apply the virtual net metering.
  5. In the same way, if you want, you send us the completed form, "membership skills". The latter is completely optional. Download the form here

After the above procedure, you are a full and equal member of Minoan Energy and you have all the rights and obligations of a member. You have the right to speak, to control, to vote and to be elected, to participate in all processes, to receive constant information, etc.

* ** If you do not want virtual net metering, but to invest in an energy sale project to ensure a satisfactory annual income, please state it in the same application above, to get the relevant information. In this case you skip step (4).

Your deposit at IBAN GR2908700190000300003118286  PANCRETA BANK

always writing your name and power supply number.

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