Minoan Energy at the 18th Messara Agricultural Exhibition

On Sunday 10/07/2022, the presence of the Minoan Energy Community at the 18th Agricultural Exhibition of Messara, which took place on the four days of July 7-10, in the Voros of the Municipality of Phaistos, was concluded.

We would like to thank the President of the Exhibition Vangelis Protogerakis, the president of the Community of Voros Xenogiannakis Markos and friends Askoxylakis Manolis and Saridakis Giorgos for their warm hospitality and support.

As part of our presence at the exhibition on Friday 08/07, speeches were given by Giorgos Viskadouros, Electrical & Computer Engineer, technical advisor of the Community, by Mrs Ermioni Gialiti, Geologist, MSc Special Advisor to the Regional Governor of Crete and by the President of the Community, Charalambos Giannopoulos

In the speeches, the attendees were informed about the Energy Community, the ways to participate in the Energy Community projects were analyzed, especially the virtual net metering projects to zero electricity bills and the sales project that each member will enjoy a solar salary or solar pension for 20 years. At the same time, the training program for RES that will be organized by the Region of Crete with the help of the Minoan Energy Community and its members was analyzed, while emphasis was placed on the role that local communities will play in the energy transition of Crete and in green development on the island.

During our stay at the exhibition as well as after the speeches, a crowd of people, farmers, households, businesses were informed about the Minoan Energy Community while a fruitful dialogue was developed on the energy problems faced by all electricity consumers and an appointment was made for further discussion with everyone either at our office, by phone or at an event that we will prepare with the training program in Voros.

Finally, we would like to thank all the citizens of Messara and Crete who participated in the successful 18th Messara Agricultural Exhibition and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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