The Chania Support Centre for the Social and Solidarity Economy organises one more important virtual conference on Thursday 27th of May at 18:00 on the subject: “Energy in the hands of Cretan citizens. Energy Communities and their prospects of development in Crete”. Many thanks to the Centre for inviting Minoan Energy Community, which will talk along with Electra Energy on the main proposals of the conference. The warmest thanks to the Social and Solidarity Economy Support Centre for this honourable invitation.
Within the framework of the European project ENCREMENCO, a virtual conference took place on Tuesday 25/05/2021, organised by the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Savings (CRES) and supported by the Region of Crete, on subject: “Institution of Energy Communities on the path to Energy Transition in the Region of Crete”. Speech was made at the conference by the General Manager of CRES Mr Porgiotis, the Deputy Regional Governors of Crete Messrs N. Xylouris and N. Kalogeris, the Head of the Directorate-General for Energy of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Mr Dimitrios Tsalemis, the President of the Greek Section of the Regional Science Association Mr Giorgos Xanthos, and the President of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Crete, Mr Kourakis. The main proposals were made by Ms Effie Korma on behalf of CRES in relation to the ENCREMENCO project, by Mr Benjamin Dannemann bringing the example of Germany, by Ms Panagiota Pitsouni on behalf of Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (ΔΕΔΔΗΕ) and by Dimitris Katsaprakakis, who presented the vision and the work for far of Minoan Energy Community. In the following discussion, the people who had spoken were the Chairman of Minoan Energy, Mr Giannopoulos , Mr Vasilis Kilias from the Directorate of Energy of CRES, Mr Vasilis Mpelis on behalf of Cooperative Company of Karditsa, Mr Nikos Zografakis from the Energy Centre of the Region of Crete et al. The discussion brought up the huge prospects of energy communities in Greece, the challenges faced and the need to be bravely supported on institutional and economic level by the Greek State. Warm thanks to the organisers for the opportunity they gave us to present Minoan Energy Community in this event.
The Minoan Energy Community proposal in the context of NESOI project invitation received a positive assessment for its funding by the Consortium project. The proposal regards the drawing up of the anticipated studies for the energy upgrade of the municipal swimming pool and indoor gym of Arkalochori, as well as the designing of a clever network with primary functions of decentralised management, in which the energy upgrade projects for the sport facilities will function susceptibly. The smart network will be developed within the boundaries of the three municipalities, which are members of the Community, that is the Municipality Minoa Pediada, Archanes-Asterousia and Viannos. Our warm thanks to the Municipality of Minoa Pediada and the Deputy Regional Governor Giorgos Alexakis for his letters of support for our proposal and we foresee a constructive cooperation with the engaged Municipalities and Region of Crete for the successful implementation of the project.
“Crete is swimming in a vast energy ocean, which is above sea level and above land and the citizens of the island do not turn this to advantage. Minoan Energy shows the way.”
My warm thanks to ECHO 99.8 FM and especially the reputable reporter Ms Maria Tsagkaraki, for her honourable invitation and the opportunity she gave us so that our voice is heard by the citizens of beautiful Ierapetra.
So, we had the opportunity to present our project and explain that each citizen of Crete has the right to become a member and all together we can produce the electricity needed for our homes and our businesses, completely free and without the need to pay third parties for what is ours and as a matter of priority belongs to us!
You will find below the address of the aesthetic website of the above hospitable Radio Station so that every citizen who has an interest is fully informed, as the whole interview of the Chairman has been uploaded on YouTube.
The Chairman of Minoan Energy expressed his great satisfaction and joy, as well as his warm thanks for the wonderful hospitality by saying that: the membership of this great Cooperative, which in the consciousness of the rural and production world is well-established, becomes an important milestone for the future of Minoan Energy.
The Chairman of the Cooperative Mr Markos Agianniotakis expressed his joy for the Cooperative’s participation in Minoan Energy, which apart from anything else, will result in the drastic reduction of the olive oil mills energy cost, which is very high today and this will be for the interest of the Cooperative members. He also stated that it would be helpful to examine the expansion of the cooperation of the two institutions in the future for the exploitation of other forms of RES as well, such as the bioenergy etc. This was accepted immediately by Mr Giannopoulos.
In the previous meeting and during the honest and detailed discussion, the person who attended from the side of Minoan Energy and accompanied the Chairman was Mr Georgios Viskadouros, Electrical Engineer, Computer Engineer and specialist in matters of solar energy. From the side of the Cooperative, apart from the Chairman, there was the Vice-Chair Mr Antonis Mpalotiaris, the Treasurer Mr Giannis Kaparakis, the member of the Board of Directors Mr Giannis Angelakis, the Mechanical Engineer and head of technical security Mr Stelios Petsakourakis, as well as Ms Eleana Karantinou, head of the secretariat support of the Cooperative.
The Minoan Energy Community project started formally with the kick-off meeting that was held online on Thursday 08/07/2021, with the title Sustainable Actions for Viable Energy (SAVE), which is funded by the NESOI project and it is supported by the Municipality of Minoa Pediada and the Region of Crete. In this project, there will be the first smart network to be designed in Crete within the boundaries of the Municipalities of Minoa Pediada, Viannos and Archanes- Asterousia. Studies will be conducted for the energy upgrade of the Municipal Sports Centre and the Indoor Gym of Arkalochori with the aim to upgrade them to infrastructures of zero energy consumption. Our warm thanks to the supporters of this project and the Consortium of NESOI for the joint implementation of the project.
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