Dear members, friends and partners,

It is our great and sincere pleasure for the successful connection of our first project, the 405kw PV station, to the electricity grid, as a result of which our members participating in it get free electricity from the Sun of Crete, which it will happen continuously for the next 25 years! We are the first Energy Community of our country to complete such an energy net metering project, with the broad participation of members and electricity providers.

This important event - a stage in our overall course, we decided together with the Regional Governor Mr. Stavros Arnautakis, head of our most prominent member, which is the Region of Crete, to celebrate it all together in the central and most important public building of Crete which electrified already from our first project!

So I invite you all, all the members and also the friends of MINOAN ENERGY, to honor with your presence the above event, but also to show our unity for more participation and action, in the energy transition to renewable energy sources with democracy and justice , as well as our decision to actively participate in the utilization of the island's energy wealth by all its inhabitants. At the same time, new actions and initiatives of our Community will be announced, as well as other very important news.

The event will take place on Friday, June 3 at 8:30 in the evening, in the courtyard of the central building of the Region of Crete, which is located in Eleftherias Square.


Minoan Energy at the European Commission's forum on the energy transition in Europe's islands, held in Rhodes on May 17 and 18.
The participation from the Greek islands was dynamic, through their representatives themselves, declaring their determination and readiness to claim together for their fair and rational energy transition.

In this historic photo the participants from
Halki: Evangelos Fragakis (Mayor), Vassilis Roussakis (Deputy Mayor), Vassilis Hatziaras (Chairman of the Energy Community)
Sifnos: Kostas Soulis, George Papapavlou (President and Vice-President respectively of the Energy Community)
Symi: Panagiotis Megaloudis
Kasos: Yiannis Frangoulis (Kassios KOINSEP)
and Crete: Alexandros Garefalakis, Yiannis Didakis, Yiannis Passas and Dimitris Katsaprakakis (Minoan Energy Community and Hellenic Mediterranean University),
together with Dimitris Kollias (Greenesco)
and Georgia Kefala (Hellenic Mediterranean University),

all together one voice, one fist, with faith and optimism!

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