The president of the Minoan Energy Community Charalambos Giannopoulos will participate in a very interesting discussion on "Energy as Power: Energy in the hands of the citizens" on Saturday, November 5, following the very honorable invitation he received from the Internet Governance Forum Greece

The discussion in question is part of the conference organized by the Internet Governance Forum Greece on the 5th and 6th of November on the topic of decentralization of power. That is, the transfer of authority and responsibility for a function or a system from a central entity to multiple, independent and lower in the hierarchy entities.

In a decentralized energy system, power generation facilities are located closer to the point of consumption and are offered by small autonomous producers. This will revolutionize the energy sector and offer new models for financing and operating such networks. The central question here is how and when we will see decentralized energy systems in our country and region.

IGFGreece will take place live in Athens, but also online.
You can attend the conference by registering at the link here:

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