Nikos Papadakis

Nikolaos is a mechanical engineer, and is a senior lecturer at the Mechanical engineering Department of the Hellenic Mediterranean University. He holds an MSc in “Manufacturing Systems Engineering” and a PhD in Engineering from Warwick University. His main research interest is computation mechanics and the development of algorithms and software in various disciplines of Engineering. Up until his selection in 2019 as a senior lecturer, he has worked for over 20 year in Greece and abroad in various academic (Warwick University, University of Crete, Technological Educational Institute of Crete), research (FORTH), and also in the private sector (Mechatron SA, Revmotiv).

He has been involved in renewable energy sources and systems and other relevant supportive technologies since 2002. Initially his involvement was in the use of composite materials in the wind turbine blades and the techno-economic assessment of wind power generation systems. From 2004 up until 2011 he was a member of the Wind Energy Laboratory in TEI of Crete, where -among other things- he was involved with the ISO17025 certification of the Lab, and developed software for power curve measurement. From 2011 until 2014 he has worked with Mechatron SA as a senior R&D Engineer on the development of solar trackers for photovoltaics.

Today as a member of Minoan Energy Community, he hopes to contribute in the promotion and adoption of sustainable alternative technologies that will render the island of Crete self-sufficient in terms of energy.

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