A great distinction for the Minoan Energy Community that won the first prize at the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), in the "Local Actions for Energy" category.

This very important distinction concerns the first photovoltaic station of virtual net metering, with a power of 405 kW, thanks to which more than 100 residences and commercial infrastructures in Crete will have free electricity for the next 25 years.

Just three years after the establishment of the Community, this award comes to strengthen the will of the people of Minoan Energy who share the same vision: The consolidation of energy democracy and the promotion of energy independence on the island of Crete, while helping similar initiatives in Greece and Europe. For Minoan Energy, the energy transition is a unique opportunity for sustainable and fair development of our society, without exclusions.

For the first time in Greece, a broad-based energy community, such as Minoan Energy, receives such a distinction. This fact is expected to give a great impetus to the newly established institution of energy communities at a time when the legislative framework that governs their operation is still being formed and at the same time the energy crisis plagues society.

Indicative of the importance of this award are the reactions on the social networks of Greek and European bodies such as the European Commission, the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives (RESCoop.eu) and the Region of Crete which is a member of Minoan Energy

The announcement of the results and the award took place in the context of a special event, in a hall of the European Parliament in Brussels on 26.09.2022 from where the relevant photos are also taken.

You can also watch the award ceremony here.

A few words about the European Sustainable Energy Week
The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is the largest annual event dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency in Europe and includes a range of activities aimed at building a secure energy future. A European Climate Executive Agency is being organized in collaboration with the Commission and brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs, EU project partners, researchers and consumers to promote energy transition initiatives in Europe.

The MINOAN ENERGY COMMUNITY, after a relevant invitation, participated in the GREENWAVE FESTIVAL held in the municipal park XANTH of Thessaloniki. GreenWave is an open festival that started in 2011, is organized annually by the "Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki" and implemented by the volunteers of "Oikopolis".

At the event on Saturday (17.09.2022) which co-organized with the Energy Community of Thessaloniki - Central Macedonia, invited were representatives of energy communities and environmental organizations, speakers from the field of civil society, people who participate in or support genuine groups that operate collectively and have double goal: the protection of the environment and the coverage of the energy needs of their members through renewable energy projects.

Minoan Energy was represented by Antonis Kozyrakis, who presented the Community's projects for the energy transition, which are planned and implemented in an environmentally acceptable and socially responsible manner, as well as the multifaceted actions that are constantly being intensified.

By common consent, Minoan Energy is an advanced example of good practice in order for the citizen to become a self-producer and not a passive consumer, a participant in the common effort and not a customer. Achieving beneficial partnerships and further networking of the Community continues unabated. THE ENERGY IN THE HANDS OF THE CITIZENS.

After warmly thanking all the members for our excellent cooperation so far, we inform all citizens that we are accepting applications to participate in the third and largest net metering project ever done in Crete.

Our first PV project with a power of 405kw has already been connected to 100 utilities belonging to approximately 70 families and businesses in Crete, who receive and will receive free electricity for the next 25 years.

Also, our second project, with a power of 1000 kw, which will supply approximately 250 households and businesses in Crete, will be completed in September and will be connected immediately after. This project has already been closed as its power has been released to our members.

Registrations are now being taken for our third project, with a capacity of 3,000 kw, which will supply clean energy to 700-1000 households and businesses in Crete, with the aim of being ready in the first half of 2023.

After this pleasant development, we inform you that registrations have already started for our third project, which will be much larger than the previous ones (3MW). Cretan companies with power up to 300kw will be able to participate in this project. We therefore invite all the citizens and businesses of Crete to participate in this great energy project of ours, following the example of the members who joined our two previous projects.

Solar Salary - Solar Pension
Finally, we inform you that in a few days you will receive the business plan for our first 5mw project, which will concern the sale of energy and with it, all the necessary information for the possibility of each member to invest in it and secure a salary supplement or his SOLAR PENSION, for 20 years.

Information on phones: 28910 29010, 6977231617, 6944626371, 6977031305, 6978488136 and emails: info@minoanenergy.gr and lampis1949@gmail.com

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