The Minoan Energy Community at the GreenWave Festival

The MINOAN ENERGY COMMUNITY, after a relevant invitation, participated in the GREENWAVE FESTIVAL held in the municipal park XANTH of Thessaloniki. GreenWave is an open festival that started in 2011, is organized annually by the "Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki" and implemented by the volunteers of "Oikopolis".

At the event on Saturday (17.09.2022) which co-organized with the Energy Community of Thessaloniki - Central Macedonia, invited were representatives of energy communities and environmental organizations, speakers from the field of civil society, people who participate in or support genuine groups that operate collectively and have double goal: the protection of the environment and the coverage of the energy needs of their members through renewable energy projects.

Minoan Energy was represented by Antonis Kozyrakis, who presented the Community's projects for the energy transition, which are planned and implemented in an environmentally acceptable and socially responsible manner, as well as the multifaceted actions that are constantly being intensified.

By common consent, Minoan Energy is an advanced example of good practice in order for the citizen to become a self-producer and not a passive consumer, a participant in the common effort and not a customer. Achieving beneficial partnerships and further networking of the Community continues unabated. THE ENERGY IN THE HANDS OF THE CITIZENS.

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