Two days of information and training to tackle energy poverty in the framework of the POWERPOOR project

Cretans had the opportunity to participate in two very interesting events in Heraklion and Arkalochori, on October 20 and 21.

This is a two-day information and training session on dealing with energy poverty held within the framework of the "Energy Advisors and Mentors" Educational Program, which is organized by INZEB in collaboration with the Minoan Energy Community and is under the auspices of the Region of Crete.

From the targeted speeches that took place, the need to change the behavior of households and businesses regarding the use of energy and the importance of energy efficiency interventions in buildings was highlighted.

At the same time, the participants familiarized themselves with the toolkit that has been developed in the framework of the POWERPOOR project to identify and alleviate energy-vulnerable households.

Particular emphasis was placed on promoting the culture of citizen participation in open collaborative schemes such as broad-based Energy Communities, which will allow them to become not only consumers but also producers of their own energy.

The program provides certification as an Energy Consultant and Mentor, through an evaluation process, in order to further promote the dissemination of both good practices in the use of energy and ways of dealing with energy poverty, through the creation and participation in Energy Communities.

At a critical occasion, where energy emerges as the major issue for Europe, this initiative takes on particular importance. And this is proven both by the number of participants and by the variety of their specialties.

It is a fact that living in insufficiently heated or cool households negatively affects human health and well-being. Furthermore, people who are unable to meet their basic energy needs are often unable to be active members of society.

Greece is one of the poorest energy countries in Europe and at the same time has an incredible solar and wind wealth. The implementation of good practices in the use of energy, the energy upgrading of buildings and infrastructures and the participation of citizens in broad-based Energy Communities can provide a solution to the problem.

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