Minoan Energy has been in existence for a year

Dear friends, colleagues, present and future members of our Community,

It has already been a year since the 9th of October 2019, when the meeting of the 38 founding members decided to establish the first Energy Community in Crete, as well as in the whole island country.
Having completed the first annual report, we report that despite the hugely negative effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on all economic activity, we succeeded in implementing most of our targets.
The number of active members in the Community has already exceeded 200 and it tends to have a big increase, especially after the construction of our first projects, which will be completed by the beginning of the new year, just as we had projected and announced at the first general meeting of the members.
It is particularly encouraging and honouring for all of us to have the trust and participation of institutional bodies in our community, such as the Holy Metropolis of Arkalochori, Kastelli and Viannos, the Region of Crete, the Mediterranean University, the Municipalities of Minoa Pediada, Archanes-Asterousia and Viannos, Municipal Businesses, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Peza, Cooperatives, Councils, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as numerous households.
With this composition, we are the main or the only representative of Energy Communities broad-based, in almost the whole country, since local authorities, other legal entities of public law, cooperatives, councils and a great number of households participate.
In a few days time, the properties for the first Photovoltaic power station with a total capacity of 88 KW will be at our disposal, and immediately after that, more properties will be leased, given that the capacity our members demand is much greater.
This demand will multiply after the operation of our first projects, confirming that all that we pursue are not theoretical and vague, but they materialise with impressive and beneficiary results, among others, for the financial situation of the participants as well.

This comparison is sufficient enough: Bank deposit returns below 0.3%, whereas the capital return for the purchase of ‘Minoan Energy’ shares is above 25%!

So, it is obvious that membership growth makes the social and economic base of our Community even broader, implementing this way our big target, that of social participation with solidarity action and finally pursuing consolidation of energy democracy in our region.

I find the opportunity to thank warmly His Eminence Metropolitan of Arkalochori, Kastelli and Viannos, Mr Andrea, for the blessing and support he provides us, all the institutional bodies that participate, with the top one the Region of Crete, as the biggest partner, and in particular the Regional Governor Mr Stavros Arnaoutakis, with his profound knowledge of the importance of this business venture and his deepest support during our first steps.
Warm thanks also to all our members, the members comprising the Board of Directors for the admirable collaboration and especially the members of volunteer groups, being exceptional technicians and top scientists, who offer the greatest, they guide us on our path and they are our pride and hope for the future.

I wish good health and creativity to all.

The Chairman

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