Minoan Energy Community Proposal was positively assessed in the context of the NESOI project.

The Minoan Energy Community proposal in the context of NESOI project invitation received a positive assessment for its funding by the Consortium project. The proposal regards the drawing up of the anticipated studies for the energy upgrade of the municipal swimming pool and indoor gym of Arkalochori, as well as the designing of a clever network with primary functions of decentralised management, in which the energy upgrade projects for the sport facilities will function susceptibly. The smart network will be developed within the boundaries of the three municipalities, which are members of the Community, that is the Municipality Minoa Pediada, Archanes-Asterousia and Viannos. Our warm thanks to the Municipality of Minoa Pediada and the Deputy Regional Governor Giorgos Alexakis for his letters of support for our proposal and we foresee a constructive cooperation with the engaged Municipalities and Region of Crete for the successful implementation of the project.
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