The minister Mr Skrekas satisfies the main requests made by Minoan Energy

On Monday 30.08.2021, the Chairman of Minoan Energy, Mr Giannopoulos, had a very constructive and friendly meeting with the Minister of Energy, Mr Kostas Skrekas, in the presence of members of the Parliament from Heraklion Prefecture, Messrs Maximos Senetakis and Vasilis Kegkeroglou.

During the meeting with the minister, which was held at the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Mr Giannopoulos made various requests in relation to Energy Communities and especially those of broader base, such as ours, Minoan Energy.

The most important requests were for the Ministry to support our Community when it comes to frontier projects that the large team of technicians and scientists promote, to have security for projects of virtual net metering so that most households and businesses can participate and thus reduce the electricity cost dramatically, priority to granting of licence for projects etc.

The main request, perhaps the most important one, was the granting of space for electricity, that is licence for the creation of useful projects by the Community, as the production of energy by RES has a centripetal movement and for the first time in the history of the Country, revenue must have the same movement. In this way, the supplementary and satisfactory income for residents would be an important reason for people to keep living in their villages and avoid the rural areas becoming depopulated.

Mr Skrekas accepted many of the requests and especially the latter that is the most important, by saying that the Ministry will support the genuine Communities to their projects, that is those that offer to the local societies and whatever is relevant to us will be announced very shortly.

In addition, the minister accepted gladly Mr Giannopoulos’ invitation to visit Crete and attend an event that will be organised in the nearest future and would involve the exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources in our island and the benefit it would have for the whole Community.

Apart from Mr Skreka, Mr Giannopoulos thanks also the friends fellow countrymen members of the parliament, Messrs Kegkeroglou and Senetakis, for their active participation and their valuable interventions during the above fruitful and productive meeting.

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