Cooperation of the Municipality Minoa Pediada and Minoan Energy Community in the context of the EU project “New Energy Solutions Optimised for Islands” (NESOI)

In the context of the project New Energy Solutions Optimised for Islands (NESOI) - which is EU funded by the Horizon 2020 programme and promotes sustainable energy projects –a workshop was held on Friday 20th of August at the registered office of the Technical Service of the Minoa Pediada Municipality between the staff members of the Municipality and those of Minoan Energy Community for the implementation of the project “Sustainable Actions for Viable Energy (SAVE)”, funded by the above-mentioned programme and in which both parties are involved together with the Region of Crete.

During the meeting, the participants from the side of the Municipality were the Secretary-General Mr Gabriel Kouris, the Head of the Technical Projects Department Mr Stelios Troulinos and the special advisors to the Mayor Messrs Georgios Katzagiannakis, Nikos Hronakis and Georgia Piligkotsi. The participants on behalf of Minoan Energy Community – the fellow coordinator of this programme – were the Chairman Mr Charalambos Giannopoulos and the founding member and advisor Mr Dimetris Katsamprakakis.

Both sides discussed in an excellent level of cooperation the details for the implementation of the part of the project concerning the drawing up of studies for the energy upgrade of the sport facilities of the Municipality and in particular the Municipal Swimming Pool and Indoor Gym in Arkalochori. The scientific-study team of Minoan Energy Community will take on the drawing up and conduct of the required studies for the upgrade of the above into infrastructures of zero energy consumption, while the Municipality will provide every necessary technical help and information for its implementation.

In respect of this new Municipal cooperation for the implementation of the project “Sustainable Actions for Viable Energy (SAVE)”, the Mayor Mr M. Fragkakis mentioned the following: “Our participation in the NESOI project of the European Union, as a partner organisation, together with a fellow coordinator of this project, Minoan Energy Community, which we thank for its cooperation, confirms our desire and vision for the protection of the environment, the openness of our Municipality and the development of fruitful cooperations for the implementation of ‘green’ politicians who will contribute to the transformation of our Municipality to an energy sustainable one”.

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