Minoan Energy is ready for its first project! The consumption of the last three years are necessary

The board of directors of MINOAN ENERGY informs its current and future members about the following:

1. The administrative and legal preparation was completed with the acquisition of VAT number and General Electronic Commercial Registry number.

2. Within a few days, the community office in Eleftheriou Venizelou 183 will be operational.

3. Several members, both individuals and companies as well as public entities, have registered and are registering daily.

4. We are preparing feverishly for the submission of the proposal for the creation of our first and subsidized project.

Given the above, and because the knowledge of total consumption is required to determine the validity of this project, we invite both current members and those who are going to register immediately, to ask Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator for the consumption they had at home and in their businesses for the last three years and bring it to us.

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