It was a great pleasure and honor that we welcomed in our offices the representatives of the Eco Greens Party Mr. Georgios Politopoulos and Mr. Zach Peidis, who were accompanied by the architect and good friend, Costas Samareitis.

In the very interesting discussion that followed and in which also Mr. Nikos Chanialakis participated, we heard the views and positions of the party of Eco Greens, for a clean environment by utilizing renewable energy sources, with which we completely agree

Especially today, with the jump in electricity prices, the contribution of Minoan Energy is fully highlighted, not only in the protection of the environment, but also in the financial relief of households and businesses, since its members will not pay for electricity for at least 20 years and therefore not affected by price increases!

Local and regional development as a consequence of the above choice, is among the main goals of energy communities, while energy democracy that ensures the participation of all citizens, without exclusions, is extremely important.
Political Ecology, said Mr. Politopoulos, among others, is interested in improving the living standards of societies, without depleting natural resources and wished to achieve all our goals, as they serve the above principles.

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