We seek those who seek us

Look for us who are looking for you!

We strive to identify and communicate with groups of citizens and businesses interested in a decentralized and participatory clean energy system.

Citizens who believe in the right of all of us to use the natural wealth of our place and especially the energy, with equality and democracy.

Citizens who consider it their right to live in a clean environment and their obligation to protect it from any pollution, supporting the energy transition to clean forms of energy, as they participate in the salvation of our planet from catastrophic climate change.

We want everyone in the community to believe in these principles. They deserve the great moral and financial benefits that come from their participation in MINOAΝ ENERGY!

So we are waiting for you! We are present for all of you who are looking for us!

Contact us. Call and ask us to answer you. Send us your email so that we can send you printed information material, as well as member applications for your registration!

Contact phones: 6977 231617 – 6977 786915 – 6988 025050 – 6977 031305
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Facebook: Μινώα Ενεργειακή Κοινότητα – Minoan Energy Community

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