Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 20.07.2020

Dear friends

As we informed you in our previous letter, our Annual General Meeting, which is also electoral, was set for 13.7.2020 at the conference center of Arkalochori (next to the Exhibition Center) and time 6.30 pm

According to our corporate charter, article 50, paragraph 2 provides: "Those who wish to be elected as members of these Councils are required to submit a written application to the Energy Community at least three (3) working days before the first Annual General Meeting."

Also in paragraph 4 of the same article it is provided: “The names of all the candidate directors are included in a single ballot paper, printed or electronic according to the current legislation, in alphabetical order, separately for the Board of Directors and separately for the Supervisor. The ballot paper, in this way, is prepared in time by the Board of Directors and is distributed, before the voting, to the voters, who by the cross of preference, will choose between the candidates seven members of the Board of Directors, and three members for the Supervisory Board and an equal number of alternates. No other ballot paper is forgiven or accepted by the Election Commission ". Therefore, it is understandable that those who want to offer from the position of advisor, either of the board of directors or of the supervisory board, must send their candidacy by 10.7.2020, in order to be legally candidates. At the same time, in this way there will be time for the interim council to thoroughly prepare the prerequisites for the conduct of the electoral process. Given the above, we will be very happy to accept many written requests from our members, who wish to help the projectof our Community from the above important positions of responsibility.

Applications are submitted either at the offices of Minoan Energy, 183 Eleftheriou Venizelou Arkalochori70300, or electronically at the email

The President of the Provisional Council

Charalampos Giannopoulos

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